Friday, 15 May 2009

Exams & Essays

Wow. So the last two days have been a bundle of emotions! I couldn't sleep the night before my Symbols exam, so I was NOT happy in my 9am exam! :P I think the exam went well, but could have been much better. The rest of the day was spent being tired and moping round the house :P

Today has been amazingly better! I went to get my result for an essay I wrote about Feminist Scholarship and it's interpretation of Bathsheba - I got 67! That's a high 2.1, 3 marks off a 1st! Frick yeah! So yes, I'm very happy indeed! My lecturer told me that for my age I had an approach to theoretical essay writing that is rare in undergraduates, and that I'd even come up with an argument she hadn't thought of, and was very pleased with! So I'm all blushed at the moment, and living off that moment really :D I'm very happy with that, and it takes a lot of pressure of the exam for that module, which is the hardest by far because it is the only exam I haven't got prereleased questions for, and I have 10 big topics to revise! Arggggh!

Here's me not looking stressed, but rather happy, from today's Dailybooth:

Here's my Dailybooth account:

Anyways, I'm going to go and have something for lunch.

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  1. Oh, thats got to feel good to have done!