Tuesday, 12 May 2009

May 12th

Today has not been terribly productive.

We have pre-released questions for this exam which is good. I've written out an answer to one of the questions. I still have another to go, but I've kind of halted.

I went outside to sit and chat with some of my housemates, which was fun but wasn't very productive.

I then made myself a salad, which was yummy, but not very productive.

I then decided to buy and album, which is exciting, but not very productive.

Checked and replied to emails, necessary but not very productive.

Read some of my Shin Chan manga I got today, hilarious but not very productive.

And not helping my 50 novels challenge either!

I'm sure you catch my drift here. And now of course I'm online writing this, yet again avoiding work.

I hate revision. I hate exams.



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