Thursday, 11 June 2009

Arrrrgh Bleugh

Getting ready for Ireland... going into town to get Euros [Dailybooth]

WOOOOAH. Back from uni - no more exams! Back from Ireland - no more money! Yay :)

Seriously though, Ireland was awesome. It was great seeing Kym, Hayley and Bambi :)

Myself and Hannah on a beach in Ireland

I got very sun burnt that day, all on my legs and feet.... because I was a ditz and forgot to put suncream there... Who would have thought you could have got sunburn in Southern Ireland?!

Some of my sun burn... I don't know if you can see it well here...

And me looking scary at the BBQ we had:

Oh well... I'm back now... I gave blood the other day, and at the moment I look like crap:

.. and am setting up my Nan's old sewing machine:

It's a beautiful machine, and I'm kinda scared on modern sewing machines at the moment. You see I have very little control over the pressure I put on my foot which is on the acceleratory thing... it scares me... when I did Textiles at school I always used to bring my stuff home and do it on this fine piece of hand-motioned equipment...

Tykhe was helping me set up:

x x x x x x x

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