Friday, 15 May 2009

Exams & Essays

Wow. So the last two days have been a bundle of emotions! I couldn't sleep the night before my Symbols exam, so I was NOT happy in my 9am exam! :P I think the exam went well, but could have been much better. The rest of the day was spent being tired and moping round the house :P

Today has been amazingly better! I went to get my result for an essay I wrote about Feminist Scholarship and it's interpretation of Bathsheba - I got 67! That's a high 2.1, 3 marks off a 1st! Frick yeah! So yes, I'm very happy indeed! My lecturer told me that for my age I had an approach to theoretical essay writing that is rare in undergraduates, and that I'd even come up with an argument she hadn't thought of, and was very pleased with! So I'm all blushed at the moment, and living off that moment really :D I'm very happy with that, and it takes a lot of pressure of the exam for that module, which is the hardest by far because it is the only exam I haven't got prereleased questions for, and I have 10 big topics to revise! Arggggh!

Here's me not looking stressed, but rather happy, from today's Dailybooth:

Here's my Dailybooth account:

Anyways, I'm going to go and have something for lunch.

Much love,



Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Arrrggghhh :(

Today has been very boring.

I've been trying my hardest to revise, but I'm not very good at it. It didn't help that I had the WORST headache ever for most of this afternoon. Oh well...

The exam is tomorrow at 9am. I am stressed. Don't believe me? Here's today's dailybooth picture:

I agree, it's truly horrific.

On a lighter note I've been enjoying Emmy The Great's album First Love. Very cute.


Back to revision methinks, and an early night too.



Tuesday, 12 May 2009

May 12th

Today has not been terribly productive.

We have pre-released questions for this exam which is good. I've written out an answer to one of the questions. I still have another to go, but I've kind of halted.

I went outside to sit and chat with some of my housemates, which was fun but wasn't very productive.

I then made myself a salad, which was yummy, but not very productive.

I then decided to buy and album, which is exciting, but not very productive.

Checked and replied to emails, necessary but not very productive.

Read some of my Shin Chan manga I got today, hilarious but not very productive.

And not helping my 50 novels challenge either!

I'm sure you catch my drift here. And now of course I'm online writing this, yet again avoiding work.

I hate revision. I hate exams.



Monday, 11 May 2009


I have a serious problem. I just can't stop buying things. Now I'm not that bad when I'm out shopping in town, but online? It's a totally different story!

Amazon & Ebay are my Havens, or should I say Addictions. On Ebay I just can't contain myself from buying Chirishi posters of Japanese films, oh and LOTS of fabric. I just can't stop myself! And Amazon? My God it's awful. So many books and movies I want! In an effort to try and stop myself from buying I've made a wishlist.

Now a lot a books I will need to buy for my dissertation. But I want them now. I want to read them all right now! I'm so impatient it's beyond belief. But I can't. I need money for Ireland at the moment, and I know what I'm like. If I put 1 item in the 'basket' then I'll end up checking out with 6. I'm just terrible at it. I think I need serious help. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself.


I Just Can't Control This Urge...

.. To write another blog.

I wrote the first one as soon as I opened the account, but now that I've poked about a bit on the website I thought I'd write another.

You may see that in the sidebar there is SophieMadeOfStars Tv. Here are some of the videos I have made for YouTube.

My channel address is

I'd be honored if you would take a peak at some of my videos there.

Strangely, the ones featured in the sidebar, at the time of writing this, are all about veganism. This subject isn't all I talk about there so please check the other videos if that topic doesn't entice you.

But indeed I am a vegan. I have been for about a year and a half, with 6 1/2 years of being an ovo/lacto vegetarian before that. I do indeed love it :)

Anyways. Yes. Videos in the sidebar if this text bores you, but motion picture excites you.


Lets start at the very beginning..

... a very good place to start. :)

In case anyone ever reads this, I suppose I should explain who I am and what the hell I'm doing.

My name is Sophie. At the time of writing this I am 20 years old and sitting in my bed in my rented house in Bangor, North Wales, UK. I am here, in Bangor, because I go to university here, and am in my second year as a Religious Studies undergraduate student. It is May 11th and my first summer exam is in 3 days. This is why I am here, writing this, and avoiding revision.

I am not Welsh myself, I am from England, just outside London. I have a mother and a father, and older sister, a younger brother and two cats. I feel like I'm doing an, admittedly basic, french exam, as I'm pretty much delivering what I had to say all those years ago in my GCSE French oral exam. Okay so it wasn't many years ago, but it certainly seems so to me. I certainly can't remember much French, which just speaks volumes of the education I received. Well, just my incompetence of memory really.

The reason why I have started this blog, is because I want to start documenting what I'm doing with my life. This summer I have a few thing happening, which I hope to remember for quite some time. On June 2nd I'm going to Ireland to see one of my school friends who I haven't seen for about a year, which I'm really looking forward to. This summer I also want to try my hand at crafts. This may sound odd, but I really am an older women at heart. I've made cushions and purses in the past, but I want to try my hand at making a quilt. Now I know this is going to be hard, especially as I can't work out the modern technologies of electronic sewing machines (I've always used my Nana's old sewing machine which is hand powered.). But I want to try nonetheless, and trying doesn't harm anyone.

Secondly, I really want to race ahead in my New Years resolution. In January I decided that I wanted to read 50 books this year, cover to cover. So far I'm not doing too well. This is because when I have work on I get distracted, so I can't read for pleasure as much as I'd want to. Here is what I've read so far:
  1. Chobits 4

  2. Walt Whitman – Song of Myself

  3. David Boring – Daniel Clowes

  4. Ghost World – Daniel Clowes

  5. Marmalade Boy 4

  6. Marmalade Boy 7

  7. Marmalade Boy 8

  8. The Stars' Tennis Balls – Stephen Fry

  9. Join Me – Danny Wallace

  10. Love Hina 3

  11. Little Women - Louisa May Alcott

  12. Shin Chan Manga 2

  13. Your And My Secret 1

  14. Happy Hustle High 1

  15. Happy Hustle High 2

  16. Hot Gimmick 1

  17. Hot Gimmick 2

  18. Yes Man – Danny Wallace

  19. Hot Gimmick 3

  20. Chobits 5

  21. The Food Revolution – John Robbins

  22. Chobits 6

  23. Hot Gimmick 4

  24. Hot Gimmick 5

  25. Ice Haven - Daniel Clowes

  26. Hot Gimmick 6

  27. Shin Chan 3

  28. Tokyo Zombie

However this isn't great. I don't consider Manga and Graphic Novels to count in this task, so really I've read, cover to cover, 6 proper books.

The 19 Mangas and 3 Graphic Novels don't count.
So as you can see, I have a while to go. I'm currently on my 7th book, "Scoop" by Evelyn Waugh. I love his work, I'm currently on page 109/222.

I guess I'll leave this post here. I've gone on a lot. I'll write back soon.

Sophie Made Of Stars