Thursday, 21 April 2011


I am a bit of a Korean Drama freak. I watched my first Korean Drama in June 2010. It was a hugely popular drama called You're Beautiful, starring Jang Geun Suk, Park Shin Hye, Lee Hongki, Jung Yong Hwa & UEE.

I was hooked. I don't even know how I found out about this drama... one day I just started watching it. Like it was destiny keke. Maybe not, but nonetheless I absolutely loved it and I became hooked. Now, I don't know what drama I watched second, or really any of the chronological succession, but I know I have watched A LOT of Korean dramas, some of which I have watched multiple times. I can only guess how many times I have rewatched some. I can't be accurate.

Anyway. I can't possibly take note of all the dramas I have watched. No seriously, I actually can't remember them all off the top of my head. Instead, here is a collection of some of the dramas I have loved the most:

* You're Beautiful
* Coffee Prince
* Goong
* Secret Garden
* Boys Over Flowers
* King of Baking Kim Tak Gu
* Spring Waltz
* Oh! My Lady!
* Shining Inheritance
* My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox
* Full House
* My Girl
* Paradise Farm
* Mary Stayed Out All Night
* Personal Taste
* Coffee House
* Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
* The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry
* Pasta
* Dream High
* My Princess
* My Lovely Kim Sam-Soon

These are all the ones I can think of *blush* Oh dear... well I did say it was a bit of an obsession ^_^

Also, they aren't actual Korean dramas, but here are some Korean movies I have seen:

* Innocent Steps
* I'm A Cyborg (but it's okay)
* A Tale of Two Sisters
* Addicted
* My Boyfriend Is Type B
* Attack on the Pin-Up Boys
* My Mighty Princess
* Baby and I
* A Millionaire's First Love
* 2 Faces of My Girlfriend
* He Was Cool
* 200 Pounds Beauty
* My Tutor Friend
* My Little Bride
* Seducing Mr. Perfect

Again... these are just some of the ones I can remember... oh dear :P

Anyways, importantly... at the moment I am watching 49 Days. It is AMAZING. It's a 20 episode series, airing on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. I am currently waiting for episode 11 and 12 to be uploaded online with English subtitles. Once it is I will no doubt make a blog post about it... this series makes me so excited and full of suspense - I love it!

I watch a lot of J-dramas & anime as well... I'm not watching any at the moment though :( Maybe when I am I will write a post about my love for J-drama & Anime <3

A New Start

Time for a new post. Time to restart this blogging thing again. I haven't done this for like.. a year.. so I guess I'm a little bit rusty. So what has happened in the last year?

- I completed my BA degree in Religious Studies with a 2.1
- I became a bit obsessed with KPOP and K-dramas
- I started a postgraduate PGCE course
- I (once again) developed depression.
- I am on temporary leave from my course, and I'm still contemplating whether or not I wish to pursue a career in teaching Religious Education & Philosophy in Secondary School.
- I am on anti-depressants for my depression and self harm.

Well... most of that sounds pretty depressing, which wasn't what I was intending. Rather, I propose that this blog will henceforth be filled with happier thoughts, and likely a place to rant and express my obsessions :P

This may sound pathetic, but to be honest I don't really have many people to talk to. I have wonderful friends, but the truth is that most of them are not around much because they have moved elsewhere, they are uni friends and so they come from all over the UK, or they have uni, children or jobs which take up their time. I'm completely understanding of this, since I was a little like this when I was at university. However, that doesn't change the fact that really I have very few people to communicate with, and really most of my friends have different interests to me anyways. I guess what I am trying to say is that since I have little communication at the moment, I wish to try to regularly update this blog, almost as if I am talking to a friend. A friend who is interested in everything I am ^_^ I know it sounds lame, but I want to try this. I want to get things off my chest and express myself somehow. Right now I feel trapped. I need to let out my thoughts or I will go crazy.

I think I need this to grow.

I think I need this to get better.

This is the start of my new journey.

Hi. My name is Sophie and this is my blog.